We are pleased to welcome you on our TheoPrax-page. Here you find lots of information around the TheoPrax-methodology, our partners, the TheoPrax-foundation, examples for the many completed projects, the "Schülerfirmen" and teacher retrainings. Look around on our platform and get to know TheoPrax (better).

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Your TheoPrax team.

We are teaching and learning together project work with a real life character (TheoPrax method, subjects recruited from companies or institutions) is an optimized teaching method to link theory, practice, knowledge and competences in schools and universities.

This highly motivating and practice-oriented kind of education combines schools/universities with industry and research institutions to innovative partnerships.

Since 1996 the TheoPrax Centre/Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie Germany, has been developing and practising this method with the result of a wide range of new products and optimization of location.

Did you know what TheoPrax is?

  • TheoPrax objectives project work to complete class teaching
  • Create coherent thinking and acting
  • Strengthen competences
  • Link schools / universities with companies
  • Create entrepreneurial spirit
  • Improve career choice
  • Increase interest in techniques and sciences
  • Integrate know-how potentials