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We are teaching and learning together project work with a real life character (TheoPrax method, subjects recruited from companies or institutions) is an optimized teaching method to link theory, practice, knowledge and competences in schools and universities.

This highly motivating and practice-oriented kind of education combines schools/universities with industry and research institutions to innovative partnerships.

Since 1996 the TheoPrax Centre/Fraunhofer Institut für Chemische Technologie Germany, has been developing and practising this method with the result of a wide range of new products and optimization of location.

Did you know what TheoPrax is?

  • TheoPrax objectives project work to complete class teaching
  • Create coherent thinking and acting
  • Strengthen competences
  • Link schools / universities with companies
  • Create entrepreneurial spirit
  • Improve career choice
  • Increase interest in techniques and sciences
  • Integrate know-how potentials

Technical Course: Theoprax Prize reveals quality and innovative character of SENAI-BA students

Projects of low cost and great industrial or social impact, made by the students of the technical courses of the SENAI-BA, received, on Thursday (30), their recognition in the Prize TheoPrax 2017. Among the 20 competitors, coming from all the units of the institution in the state, the three places of the "podium" were left with an energy generator from a wind turbine (1st), the improvement of the cotton oil extraction process (2 °) and the automation of a room by command of voice to give more autonomy to a person with quadriplegia.

The projects are the result of the German TheoPrax methodology, adopted by SENAI Bahia 11 years ago. By the method, which combines theory and practice and is applied to all students of SENAI Bahia's technical courses, the student needs to develop creative solutions for products or processes in the industry. With this, he learns to develop projects in a structured way in the real world. "Today, no student of SENAI completes the technical course without going through TheoPrax," explains the director of SENAI Bahia, Luis Breda Mascarenhas.

The award event, which took place SENAI Dendezeiros, this year was attended by renowned authors of the TheoPrax methodology, representatives of the Fraunhofer Institute, Peter Eyerer and Doerthe Krause. "For us, it's great to see how Theoprax developed in Bahia and is now beginning to spread in other parts of Brazil. It is an example for Germany, "said Peter Eyerer.

The compliments of the "father" and "mother" of the method are not just "confetti" from the party guests. On November 23rd, TheoPrax coordinator at SENAI-BA, Augusto Araújo, and the Technician in Industrial Automation, Joilma Batista, graduated from SENAI Cetind in Lauro de Freitas, visited the Fraunhofer Institute of Chemistry (Instituto Frauhofer de Química) , in Germany, to receive the TheoPrax International Award 2017, a feat never before seen in Brazil. The project Assertive Measurement of the Flow of the Electrolytic Copper Refining Process, for the company Paranapanema S.A.. "It was very important for us, it is the indication that we are on the right track," says Araújo.

Winners - "As the level of all the finalist projects is high, the dispute is fierce, it is difficult to choose", is proud of the director of SENAI Bahia, Luis Breda Mascarenhas. Student work, including an interactive periodic table, a mechanical hand made in a 3D printer and a 60% cocoa almond peeling machine cheaper than those available on the market, have exacting criteria for evaluation, which take into account , for example, its innovative character and economic viability.

"It is recognition of the dedicated work of teachers and students who have strived to do their best. It's exciting, "said Eligiane Figueiredo, manager of SENAI Alagoinhas, whose project was the first in the competition.

For the representative of the winning team, mechanic Daniel Santos, 18, who already works in the labor market, the project is a differential in its formation. "Having gone through all the stages of this work, in direct contact with the industry, gave me several skills that help me in my current job," he reports.

Former student of the technical course in House Mechanics, Lucas Assunção, 33, also went through the elaboration of Theoprax in its formation, completed in 2013. At the time, he and his colleagues developed a project for Perbras and, on Thursday, he returned to SENAI to tell his trajectory to the students. He is currently a supervisor of the company's probes. "The technicians leave here to meet the demands of the industry," he explains.

Winning projects:

1st place - Generator of electric energy through a wind-powered exhaust fan for the company GreenTel. Developed by students of the Technical Course in Mechanics / SENAI Alagoinhas.

2nd place - Improvement of the mechanical extraction process of cotton oil (MaxMaq) for Icofort. Developed by students of the Technical Course in Agroindustry / SENAI Luís Eduardo Magalhães.

3rd place - Automation project by voice command (Icarus). Developed by students of the Technical Course in Electrotechnology / SENAI Ilhéus.